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Green Solar Cone Composter– Product Review

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.
Composting has never been as easy as with the Green Solar Cone Organic Digesting Composter. With the Green Solar Cone Composter, you will be able to eliminate your kitchen waste AND reduce your family’s trash by up to 20%!
Another great aspect of the Green Solar Cone Composter is that it is beneficial to the environment. By using it, you can help conserve landfill space and you are able to dispose of food waste immediately. This solar-heated composter will safely eliminate all cooked and uncooked food waste, which in turn will keep your remaining household waste clean and ready for recycling. The Green Solar Cone Composter breaksGreen_Solar_Cone_Composter food waste down to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide, and a small residue. Included with the composter is a kitchen caddy (for easy trips outside with your food waste) and accelerator powder (to help speed up the composting process).
The Green Solar Cone is a four-part injection molded unit made completely from recycled plastic. It has a lower base unit basket that is installed below ground. There is a black inner cone that is located inside the outer green plastic cone. The patented design of this composter utilizes a solar heating effect between the inner and outer cones to promote air circulation, which aides in the growth of micro-organisms that contribute to the composting process. You will want to choose a sunny location for your composter. The warmer it is – the quicker the composting process will begin.
Having a composter is an earth-friendly, easy-to-use, efficient household tool that will always help reduce and eliminate the problem of food disposal. Over 90% of the waste material in the Solar Green Cone is absorbed safely as water by the soil and it  only needs to be cleaned out once every few years when you treat it with care.
Once you receive your Green Solar Cone Composter and follow the few easy steps for assembly – you will be ready to compost! You can make a big difference in your own home and yard by simply composting instead of throwing all of your organic kitchen waste in the trash. Save the earth and money at the same time!

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This product sounds very interesting. I have never heard of it and have an eco friendly website. Thanks for the post.

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